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Violencia de género y pensión de viudedad. Artículo de Gema Cornejo en confilegal.com

Artículo de Gema Cornejo en confilegal.com sobre violencia de género y pensión de viudedad.

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Can companies choose the Court in the event of international contractual conflict?

The Hague Convention of 2005 on Choice of Court Agreements entered into force in the European Union on 10 October 2015, no less than ten years after its adoption.

This Convention, which was ratified by the European Union, links all Member States except Denmark and regulates two fundamental issues: the possibility for members to choose the competent court to hear their commercial conflicts and the recognition of legal rulings issued by judges chosen for said conflicts.
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Artículo de Isabel Winkels sobre acuerdos matrimoniales en confilegal.com

“Amar en tiempos revueltos”: la necesidad de los acuerdos pre o postmatrimoniales, de Isabel Winkels, socia directora de Winkels Abogados. Artículo publicado en confilegal.com sobre la necesidad de establecer acuerdos matrimoniales en familias cada vez más globalizadas y con una elevada movilidad laboral y personal.

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«Love in Troubled Times»: the need for pre- or post-nuptial agreements

I must confess that I have never even watched one episode of the television series mentioned in the title of this article, nor of its sequel «Love is Forever». However, from a professional perspective, I have indeed witnessed the radical change of families as a result of globalisation, and the increased labour and personal mobility that provoke changes that were not anticipated when these families were formed.
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The requirement of finality in the exequatur of foreign judgements

For the purpose of being recognised in Spain, foreign judgements must fulfil a set of requirements that vary depending on the applicable legal framework. The most common is the requirement of finality for which an exequatur is sought.
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